First, the cover must be turned to the open position before opening the machine. If the machine opening button is pressed in the closed position, the pump operation will be activated. After the socket is plugged in, the on-off button on the front panel of the machine must be pressed.

With the machine switched off, press and hold down the + and - keys to press the machine on key. After the panel display, the language change menu will be displayed. To select the appropriate language, press the SET button and register. The machine will always perform the power-on with the language you have saved.

Menu settings are left as standard during final testing before our machines are delivered to customers. These;

Vacuum Time: This is the setting that determines how often the vacuum operation will be performed. (recommended: 25 seconds)
Sealer Temperature: the temperature of the bonding jaw. (recommended 2.8 seconds)
Cooling Time: this is the time after vacuuming, after the sealing jaw has lowered to the bottom. (recommended 2 seconds)
Gas Time: determines the rate of vacuum gas sprayed to the vacuumed product in seconds.

In order for the gas time to be active, the machine must have a GAS KIT.

The machine operates as standard with the settings in the PLU1 setting loaded. For new registration;

PLU2 or + in the order you want to be in that memory and then press the MENU key to save the memory row.
Use the + and - buttons to set the values in seconds and save with the SET button.

the registration is realized.